Bastion 2024 North Wales Tabletop Meet

Three days of
tabletop gaming

YHA Conwy, Conwy, North Wales, LL32 8AJ

25-28 January 2024

Bastion is a 3 day tabletop meetup/convention in North Wales where we play games, meet other gamers and make new friends.

In 2024, Bastion returns to the Conwy YHA for three days of board games, miniatures, CCGs and RPGs. Just come and play games, or book a bunk and stay all weekend.

Bastion will return in 2025!

Got Questions?

When is Bastion open?

We have the venue booked from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.

  • If you have a 'Games & Bunk' ticket, you can stay from 6pm Thursday until 7pm Sunday, or just a few of those days if you prefer.
  • If you have a 'Just the Games' ticket, you can be at the venue between 8am and midnight on Friday & Saturday, and until 7pm on Sunday.
Who can come to Bastion?

Anyone! Whether you're just getting started with board games or have been playing for years. Come with your friends & family - we only ask that children under the age of 12 are accompanied by an adult.

While we expect groups of friends to come together, we strongly encourage you to mix around and play games with new folks as well! If you’re getting ready to start a game, look around and see if anyone is not currently playing something. Most importantly, nobody should ever be left out.

Will there be food and drink available?

There will be no food and drink provided by the venue, but Conwy (a 10 minute walk away) has plenty of pubs and restaurants. There are a number of takeaways that will deliver to the venue, as well as shared kitchen facilities if you want to bring and prepare your own food.

Is Bastion just for board games?

We call Bastion a tabletop event - so while board games are the easiest to provide, if you want to set up a miniatures game, play some CCGs, or run an RPG - you can and definitely should!

Feel free to use our Facebook page to arrange specific games with other Bastion attendees.

Will there be a games library? Should I bring my own games?

The event is modelled on many other open board game events - we provide the venue, tables, chairs but all our attendees provide the games - so while there will be hundreds of games available to play provided by Bastion's hosts and other attendees, you're encouraged to bring your own too.

We will have some tables set up at the edges of the room for game storage.

  • Any games placed on these tables will be considered available for use by attendees.
  • We recommend that you include some identifying information inside or on your game boxes. A business card size paper with your name, mobile, or email works great.
  • We expect that all attendees will treat these games with respect – check for missing pieces when packing up, and return the game to the same person’s section on the tables!
  • This also means that any games in the room, inside bags, in shrinkwrap, or otherwise not on the selection tables should not be played without the owner’s permission.
  • If you don’t want to let others use your games without asking, that’s okay too! Just keep the games with you during the weekend.
  • Let’s say this again – Treat borrowed games with more respect than you treat your own. It’s important.
Can I just book one night?

No, sorry. We don't want to be in a situation where we're turning down weekend bunk tickets because a bed is booked for one night. You're welcome to turn up for just a few of the nights if you prefer, but we think the price is very reasonable whether you choose to stay for 1, 2 or 3 nights.

How are rooms organised? Can I share a room with my family/friends?

The Individual ticket is a bunk in a shared room with up to 4 people. We should be able to allocate tickets bought together to the same room. The en-suite rooms are 4 single beds (2 bunks), so if you purchase 4 tickets at the same time we'll probably be able to get you in the same room. If you purchase 1, 2, or 3 tickets, we will allocate you to the same room but be aware you may be sharing with others.

If you've purchased separately but want to share, or have any other room sharing or accessibility requirements, leave a message with your booking or send us an email at and we'll do our best to sort it out for you.

How should I behave?

We will have staff on hand every day to ensure people are good. Good means:

  • Respecting each other, as well as everyone's games and property.
  • If you spot someone else looking like they aren't having a good time, try to help them (and let us know so we can help too).
  • Not being overly loud and obnoxious - Bastion is a family-safe environment.
  • Being a good board game-citizen. Not flipping tables, keeping drinks away from games, cleaning greasy fingers. That sort of stuff.
  • Cleaning up after yourself and staying hygienic.
  • Using your bunk booking for attending Bastion, or for your family.

Please do be nice, it's cold in January, we don't want to throw you out. We reserve the right to cancel your booking during the event if we find you breaking the rules.

If you're not having a good time, please let us know what we can do.

Is there parking at the venue?

There are a number of parking options around the venue, but they are very limited.

If you are able, please consider:

  • Coming by public transport - there are good bus links and a train request stop in Conwy town, only a 15 minute walk to the venue.
  • Carpooling to minimise the number of cars that need to find spaces.
  • Parking at the on-road/pay & display parking areas shown on the map, leaving the YHA parking for those who have access requirements.
Who is running Bastion? Why?

We're Aaron Lawn, Dewi Clough, Tom Usher and Denise Williams-Usher. We play lots of games with our friends in North Wales - Bastion is our way of playing more, meeting new people and having a good time.

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